Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pioneer Nocturne

Arguably the most impressive building in Sitka, the Alaska Pioneer Home, provides assisted living care for scores of elderly Alaska residents. The impeccably kept grounds and building are a jewel in the center of Sitka's beautiful setting.

Katlian Street

Running along the waterfront near downtown Sitka, Katlian Street was once the center of activity for Sitka's native community. Today, a hodgepodge of fish processing plants, boat harbors, marine related services, bars and restaurants share the access the narrow, winding road provides.


We never know from year to year if we're going to have a real winter. This last week has convinced many of us that this may be one of those years, with temperatures hovering in the l0w 20's during the day and into the teens at night. This contrasts with the typical winter day with a 35 degree high and 33 degree low.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wounded survivor

The Sitka Raptor Center nurses injured eagles back to health, but sometimes the damage is so severe that they can never survive in the wild again. They appear to live contented lives in roomy, outdoor enclosures.


It's been known to rain a bit around these parts. This shot looks out toward the mouth of Indian River. A Tlingit fort existed in a clearing on the point until they were driven away in the Battle of 1804.