Sunday, March 04, 2007


Sorry it's been a while since I've been able to work on my pictures. My primary occupation is as a tax accountant, and I haven't been out much since the first of January. I've just added a few shots, however, and thought I would invite you to send your email addresses to me if you want to be updated when I've added new images. I promise never to share your address with anyone, ever. You can best reach me at and click on the "Contact" button.I hope you enjoy.....

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Silent Vigil

St. Michaels Russian Orthodox Cathedral silently awaits its next service, located in the middle of downtown Lincoln Street. The back end of the historic Sitka Hotel in the foreground was destroyed by a fire in January 2006, but has since been rebuilt on the same footprint.


Winter in Crescent Harbor presents a much more peaceful scene than May through September when "lighter" boats from visiting cruise ships bring thousands of visiting passengers to the dock in the foreground.

Time to Sled

The road on the left leads to Alaska's Governor's Mansion, located in the heart of Juneau. I grew up a few blocks from here, down the hill. (Don't forget to click on images to see larger versions)

A legacy of Russian America

A special treat for visitors to Sitka is a performance of the New Archangel Dancers. Check out their website at

On the Grid

When fishermen aren't out to sea, they are usually working on their boats in some manner, such as this one on the grid near ANB Harbor.


November snows blanket the beach at Starrigavin Bay, seven miles from downtown Sitka.

Ice Palace

Almost like pilgrims on their way to a shrine, scores of locals and visitors make their way across frozen Mendenhall Lake to the face of the glacier bearing the same name.