Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fishermen's Pride

The many shapes and sizes of commercial and recreational boats in Sitka's harbors supply an endless feast for the eye.

Net Income

Seiners working their gear near Katlian Bay a couple of years ago. If you have the Sitka phone book this year, you can see a larger image of this shot.

King on board!

Salisbury Sound yields an abundance of King Salmon from May through July. Alan Andersen brings another nice one on board.

Hooked on fishing

The humpies are running at Starrigavin Bay. Some of the diehard fishermen are still out there after sunset.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

We never tire of seeing the majestic bald eagles that frequent our area. This poor guy (gal?) was sitting under a tree to get out of the heavy drizzle that filled the sky this day.


You never know what you might run into walking the beaches around Sitka. While cruising with a group of elderly residents of the Sitka Pioneer Home, we spotted this hungry bruin.


This beach follows the banks of Totem Park out to the site of the Tlingit fort that figured prominently in the Battle of 1804.

Runway, driveway....what's the difference?

First-time visitors to Sitka are often unnerved when they first see the runway at our airport. From a couple of miles up it looks like a small driveway, but is in fact about six thousand feet long and 737's can stop in about a third of the runway in a pinch.

Harbor View

Another view from the top of Harbor Mountain showing downtown Sitka, the Rockwell Lighthouse and the O'Connell Bridge.


One of our favorite places to go in Sitka is up a short, but steep trail at the top of the Harbor Mountain Road. From the overlook there, you have a 270 degree view of majestic Sitka Sound and Sitka-by-the-sea.


After several years of working to meet all of the legal requirements, the Fortress of the Bearsopened in Sitka with its' first occupant, a small brown bear cub. Public viewing opened last week.

Goin' Fishin'

From May to September, scores of charter boats take their clients out for a half-day or a day of fishing in beautiful Sitka Sound. This group passes the Rockwell Lighthouse on the way.